Snacks Snacks Snacks

I have a problem. Once I start eating a snack that I love, I don’t stop. In high school, I ate many 13oz bags of Tostitos Hint of Lime chips in one sitting. It was worth it, at the time1. My dad would pop big bowls of popcorn from Orville Redenbacher kernels. Unfortunately for him, we shared a bowl and my hand would not stop moving until all the popcorn was in my tummy. Today, I make popcorn in a dedicated popcorn pan2 and I always separate the portions into multiple bowls if I’m sharing3.

In these times, snacks can be a source of comfort. I’ve been snacking a lot.

Current rotation

My current rotation of snacks are, in no particular order:

Trader Joe’s Peruvian Corn (no longer in production)

Like large corn nuts that taste better and won’t break your teeth.

Popcorn (Bob’s Red Mill)

The best value for quality popping corn kernels. White and yellow kernels will taste different. White will be fluffier, lighter, and more delicate tasting. Yellow will have more robust corn flavor.

Turtle (Corn) Chips

I don’t know what these are actually called, but they are a fairly popular Korean chip. I try corn potage chips everywhere I can find them, but I cannot find the original Japanese brand that I tried many years ago. These are as close as I can find, although they are sweeter than the one I remember.

Veggie Chips

You might think these are basic, and they are, but I for some reason I find them more satisfying than potato chips.

Casa Sanchez chips (Thick and Crispy)

These already have cult followings and for good reason. They’re crispy, solid enough for scooping, natural corn flavor. Good texture.

Casa Sanchez salsa (Hot)

Any Casa Sanchez salsa is good, but I prefer the hot one. Once again, a step above the rest in terms of freshness, flavor, and balance.

Dandelion Chocolate

This is the one snack I do not finish immediately. I eat a square from their bars every few days and let it melt on my tongue. $6-$18 for a bar that lasts a month is a great deal.

Toasted homemade sourdough with butter/peanut butter, honey, and cinnamon

I got this idea from The Mill, which I used to live near. I love Josey Baker Bread, but The Mill is pretty far from where I live now. I tried baking it during quarantine and, while it’s not that close to the original, I’m happy with the results so far.

Garden Creamery Ice Cream

Best ice cream in SF. Follow them on Instagram to get notified when pre-orders go live every week during quarantine. Pickup only. I like Salty Kaya, Ube Pandan, Black Sesame, and anything with Li Hing Mui. Their Strawberry was just ok :/

  1. They are a bit too salty and artificially lime-y for me now, I prefer Casa Sanchez Thick and Crispy tortilla chips with Casa Sanchez hot salsa. They are the best, someone prove me wrong.

  2. It's an expensive Calphalon hard anodized aluminium pan (not non-stick) that they don't sell anymore. I originally bought it to cook with, but now it has a patina and smells like butter and popcorn. It is supposed to last forever, so it's an heirloom now.

  3. I tried finding a YouTube video with proper stove top popcorn technique, but every video has flaws or is just downright bad advice. Maybe a topic for another post.